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Student Quote of the Day 03.26.13 March 26, 2013

Today we were reviewing fact and opinion before reading a nonfiction article. I guess I should have known better, but I asked my students to give me examples. First response, from one of my boys:

“Fact. I don’t like your hair today. Fact.”

Thank you for your honesty, Dwight Schrute in-the-making. I’ll be sure to try harder tomorrow. Hope you’re all having a better hair day than I am.

Sincerely, Stasia


Student Quote of the Day 03.20.13 March 20, 2013

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Yes, I’m still alive. Busy, but alive. Quals are due (for good) on Sunday and my sister-in-law’s baby shower was a success (loved it – post is halfway written and on its way) so now I can finally breathe… Until I submit my final qualifying exam and start getting my house ready to host Easter. I’m still finalizing my menu, so if you have any suggestions send me an email – I always love to hear from you!

Overheard during small group:

“Do you know that I had to eat macaroni by itself last night because I didn’t have any more hot dogs? Do you understand me? No one’s supposed to eat macaroni like that. It’s ridiculous.”

The horror. Dr. Sheldon Cooper would be proud.

Sincerely, Stasia


Student Quote of the Day 12.13.12 December 13, 2012

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I was home sick yesterday with a nasty sinus infection, cold, and fever. Needless to say, with my luck lately, I was still sick as a dog when I got back to school today. My kids could see it the minute they looked at me because kids are incredibly observant of things you wish they wouldn’t notice. Well…

Student: Miss L., your voice is different.

Me: I know it’s a little weird, but I’m not feeling well.

Student: Are you going through puberty?

Me: No. Definitely not.

::half an hour later::

Same Student: Miss L., seriously, your voice is really deep today and it’s cracking and changing. Are you sure you’re not going through puberty?

Me: Sweetie, I’m 32. And female. Thank you, but yes I’m sure.

Ah, the joys of working with children.

Sincerely, Stasia


Student Quote of the Day 10.26.12 October 26, 2012

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During a project the students were working on…

“Miss L, If I start singing Michael Jackson songs in the middle of class, I don’t mean to interfere – I think I just have a sickness where I like Michael Jackson too much. I even made a Michael Jackson PowerPoint!”

You go, girl – Rock on with your bad self.

Sincerely, Stasia


Student Quote of the Day 10.23.12 October 23, 2012

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I owe you guys a post, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. We currently have two pregnant teachers in my school. Today during homeroom, a student came up to me with this gem:

“Miss L – It’s pregnancy season! Are you going to catch a pregnancy?”

Interesting question, little darling. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Sincerely, Stasia


Student Quote of the Day 05.15.12 May 15, 2012

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This one is actually from about a month ago, but I didn’t want to forget it so I’m immortalizing it here. During my after school HW club I was reviewing new vocabulary words with one of my students, and she was stuck on “desperate.”

  • Me: To be “desperate” means that you want something so badly you would do almost anything to get it.
  • Student: Oooh… Like, the woman was “desperate” because she never found a husband?

Yikes. No, 10-year-old who is way too young to think that way, that’s not at all what I meant. But technically, yes, you are correct.

Sincerely, Stasia


Student Quote of the Day 05.11.12 May 11, 2012

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Since I know I won’t be posting here as much as I originally intended, I decided to add a new category of mini-posts.

My students are seriously the best… They make me laugh every single day and I love them to pieces for it. When you work with the demographic I do, the rapport and the laughter is beyond important for the teachers and the students. With that being said, I’ll be posting quotes heard in my LAL classroom, my after school study skills/homework club, or really anywhere around my building. Enjoy.

Upon showing some of my homework club kids two baby pictures of me that I had in my purse:

  • Student #1: “These aren’t even in black and white!”
  • Me: “How old do you think I am??”
  • Student #2: “Wait, you had pictures when you were little??

For the record, I’m 31. Sigh.

Sincerely, Stasia


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