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Dreams March 24, 2013

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Now that my final qualifying exam has been submitted and I’m trying to de-stress, I found this appropriate. Dream big, friends.

Sincerely, Stasia


Just because… March 22, 2013

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Just because...

… you all know that Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies and I love David Bowie.

Just a little pick-me-up since I blew a tire two blocks from work after staying late on a Friday to help set up for a fundraiser. At least my courtesy car was an upgrade… Not sure they’re getting it back. Whoops.

Have a stress-free weekend!
Sincerely, Stasia



The thing about working with children… March 21, 2013

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This is exactly how I feel it’s going when I’m collecting group interview data with students for my pilot study.

Not as funny when you’re actually trying to analyze those types of responses.



Dissertation award, here I come…

Sincerely, Stasia


Out with the Old, in with the New… December 31, 2012

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Well friends, I may not have been a fan of 2012, but it gave me the chance to fix a lot of things. Starting 2013 with a new back thanks to my amazing surgeon, my nephew Jacob on the way, my sister-in-law Toula joining my family, and an open mind for everything else heading our way. Kicked some dead weight to the curb, and replaced them by welcoming back some great people and finding wonderful new friends. Not making any resolutions because those typically last a week. This year I’m only making promises to myself, and I intend to keep them. And, since I have two more weeks off from work and won’t be cleared to drive for another week and a half, I’m hoping to have some new posts up so check your email for updates!

Happy New Year, friends – Be safe tonight! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sincerely, Stasia


My Personal Best December 11, 2012

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This is your warning that there is a quasi-rant below. It is intended for your amusement at my expense.

Tonight, my friends, I am at my personal best. Evidence is listed below. I defy you to find a point when I’ve been a finer female specimen.

* I have not cleaned a single room or cooked/baked a single thing for the houseful of people I have coming over Saturday for the annual Christmas party. Still have several boxes of indoor decorations to put up and the outside has not been touched save for a snowman I put up on my door. I am in panic mode but cannot do anything about it because…

* I am an idiot and did not consider the fact that Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philly, where I’m having my back surgery next week, is a campus. Not a building. Since my back pain makes it difficult to stand for more than about a minute or so, I haven’t exactly exercised much lately. Therefore, walking from building to building down numerous city blocks and back for my battery of pre-admission tests and meetings yesterday did a hell of a number on my now completely and ridiculously sore thighs. And, I pulled my calf. Perfect. If you thought it was funny when I walked before, you should see me today. I should just crawl along the floor. It would look more normal.

* The dogs. Ugh, the dogs. Tonight’s game is a new one and I’m not amused. It goes something like this: Rio positions her face about 5 inches from Layla’s face, then growls and barks at her until Layla gets fed up enough to lunge at her. Rio humps the hell out of her, they roll around fighting on my lap until I break it up, and the whole debacle begins again from the start.

* Just to make things more interesting, the rest of my body hurts because I have a wicked cold and a fever. Both of these things had better kick it quickly due to the aforementioned party on Saturday, the research proposal I still have to finish but can’t think straight long enough to be able to work on, and the fact that my docs won’t even consider operating on me if I have so much as a hangnail.

* Current incredibly stylish outfit that perfectly compliments my bright red nose and red, swollen eyes: black hot-pink-lipstick-kiss-printed Victoria’s Secret flannel pajama pants, kelly green wife beater, ancient blue hooded Navy sweatshirt courtesy of my little brother from when he was in the service. No makeup. Ponytail. How’s that for an image? Needless to say my love, who is currently across the country on a business trip, and I will not be FaceTiming this evening.

At least the Christmas tree is on and it looks sparkly and pretty, if not a little bit blurry. Now, I hope you all feel better about yourselves and got a decent half chuckle out of my current pathetic state.

Sincerely, Stasia


Worst. Blogger. Ever. October 6, 2012

So I promised you the second half of The Great Pinterest Wall what, like, a month and a half ago? This is me living up to my promise to be a terrible blogger. I’m going to be getting that post up, hopefully by the end of the weekend, because I have so much other stuff to share with you guys!

First, the school year is in full swing. I moved across town to a new school and a new grade. I can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve been working on! You have to see the before and (hopefully soon-to-be-finished) after pictures of my new classroom. I inherited my room from an amazing teacher who had retired. Like many teachers (and sometimes I include myself in this category) she was a school supply and material hoarder. The first day I went, my friend and I threw out 6 leaf-sized garbage bags of junk and we didn’t even make a dent. Among some of the items we found were a ceramic Mrs. Claus and sombrero, which we had to combine and put in view of the security camera in the hallway so the office staff had something interesting to look at.

Second, grad school has been even crazier than usual – I have my regular two classes this semester, plus leftover projects for classes that started in the summer and finish in the spring: a pilot study for my dissertation and a leadership analysis project. That equals no free time and, I’m pretty sure, some extra gray hair. Don’t worry – I’m hiding them. The good news is that, as long as I pass my qualifying exam this winter, I’ll finally be a doctoral candidate and finish classes this summer!

Third, the situation with my back has been the bane of my existence for the past few months. I’m finally on the road to recovery! After waiting far too long for an MRI to be prescribed, it was discovered that I have a severely herniated disc. Yay for validation! My very conservative doc, who does not like to send patients to the operating table, gasped at the first sight of my MRI and said she’d be completely comfortable skipping alternative methods and going straight to the surgery due to the severity of the herniation and the pain I must be having. That, my friends, about sums up my luck in life! She also offered to write me out of work so I could stay home for a bit. I declined both (sometimes I regret the latter!). I had my first epidural a week and a half ago and it’s definitely helping, but there’s another in my future. Hopefully after that I’ll be back to working out, my heels, and moving at more than a snail’s pace.

Naturally after my procedure I heard about a bad batch of epidurals that can cause fungal meningitis. Minor heart attacks are good for your health, right? Because that’s what I had waiting to find out if I was in the clear.

Straight to the Point: I’ve been crazy busy and a terrible blogger. This back issue is making things that would take 20 minutes take 2 hours. I miss you guys and I’ll be back on my feet soon! I’ll post this weekend. Promise.

Sincerely, Stasia


That’s Not My Name March 6, 2012

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First, thank you to everyone who’s started following the blog. It’s very humbling. With that in mind, I apologize for being such a bum this week. I did manage to leave the house today, but it was not to go back and survey the destruction in my classroom. I’ll (hopefully) get to do that tomorrow. Clearly my cures for colds and fevers were not very effective. I must’ve forgotten a step. Hoping that the Z-Pak I got from my doctor gets better results than the Ramen, although I’m having it again tonight just in case. Also because when you can’t taste anything it doesn’t make sense to spend more than a couple quarters on dinner.

That’s literally about all the energy I have for today so, in lieu of a regular blog post, for no good reason at all enjoy the below video of Charlie Day singing “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings in Horrible Bosses. I don’t know why someone made a 2 minute loop of an 18 second scene, but who am I to judge? Still, I love it almost as much as I love Charlie Day.

Sincerely, Stasia


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