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Student Quote of the Day 05.11.12 May 11, 2012

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Since I know I won’t be posting here as much as I originally intended, I decided to add a new category of mini-posts.

My students are seriously the best… They make me laugh every single day and I love them to pieces for it. When you work with the demographic I do, the rapport and the laughter is beyond important for the teachers and the students. With that being said, I’ll be posting quotes heard in my LAL classroom, my after school study skills/homework club, or really anywhere around my building. Enjoy.

Upon showing some of my homework club kids two baby pictures of me that I had in my purse:

  • Student #1: “These aren’t even in black and white!”
  • Me: “How old do you think I am??”
  • Student #2: “Wait, you had pictures when you were little??

For the record, I’m 31. Sigh.

Sincerely, Stasia


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